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Me in Cafe Paradiso in Haight-Ashbury
Me at the Cafe Paradiso in Haight-Ashbury. 
Photo by Evelyn Miller.

Mike Strong

Photographer - Dancer - Journalist - Lecturer
Web Monkey - Technical Writer - Photo-Lab Technician
Teacher - Multi-Media guy - Proud ex-waiter and ex-bartender

Web Sites:

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For my Photo-Illustrated CV Click here.

Web Sites

is my Guide to Kansas City Social Dancing and some Performance work.
Dance Calendar, Photos, Venue information: KCDance.Com is my Guide to Kansas City Social Dancing.
  • Where to learn: Good lessons at bargain rates. Private lessons (studios and individuals).
  • Where to dance. Locations with descriptions of features dancers look for such as the floor, the crowd, music and more.
  • Calender of current social-dance events.
  • Pictures of Places of Dancers of Events.

Dance Pictures:
Photographic dance art. You can buy still pictures in museum-quality frameable form.

Online Lessons:
Lessons in multi-media, streaming, video and database conducted online. You can enroll via PACE at UMKC.

Grab-bag of several usages and themes, some temporary.


AutoScript® occupied most of my time in the last several years. It was my day job, contract on and off for two and a half years starting in Fall of 1989 and full time for six and a half years until October 1998. AutoScript was discontinued in September 1998. The finish work lasted into October.

Take a look at the program screens and at the list of program features. This may be one of the last places you will see this because Preco Industries decided to end the AutoScript division after more than ten years.

CAD Publisher (Autoset), out of Australia, offers equivalent capability.
Their web site was at: http://www.jwgraphics.com.au

UPDATE (28 December 2009) : This site is now gone, replaced by a parasitic link farm. I have to guess that CAD Publisher is also no longer available.

John Walker is (was?) the head of the firm.
His last email was walkerjr@jwgraphics.com.au - you might give it a try.
Their last phone number in Melbourne, Australia was 613 9879 4388 (from the US: 011 613 9879 4388)

NOTE: Perhaps the same technology changes also eventually made CAD Publisher obsolete. AutoScript was a niche product which was being eclipsed by advances in tech and there was no way we could keep up with the changes. Too many people would have to have been added to staff and the niche of rendering was already being eaten up by the product itself. So when AutoScript closed up (September 1998) it was really a matter of time before what AutoScript did in providing PostScript fonts, shading and output would be overtaken by other methods to acheive the same result. All in all AutoScript lasted about 11 years (from 1987) which in the changing world of software is a long time and in the conditional-love world of niches to fill is a very long time especially for a niche which has enough main-stream demand that niche opening would soon be filled by the people who, themselves, left it open.

Dance Database When my list of dance spots became too large to edit directly I wrote a dance database to take care of generating the HTML code listing the dance locations, and a calendar of events. This is open to dance teachers and organizations to add information.

Batch Plotter for AutoCad. Written in Visual Basic this program uses AutoCad R-14 (or later) as an (unseen) object to plot drawing files. It can be used locally or across a network and as a user-run program or in a server role to plot drawing requests from computers without AutoCad. It is used by machinists, the purchasing department, technical documentators and drafters. BPlot.exe is the 1998 successor to DWGP.exe, a program I wrote in 1992 using PDS 7.0 (extended Quick Basic) for DOS. The program is not available.

Photo Gallery

My photos: general interest, friends, dancing (web link). One of my oldest photo pages from my archives. I've been shooting since 1967 and webbing since 1994.

Example from a typical catalog flyer shoot.

A personal CV with a photo album - and I mouth off about prices to dancers.

Web Site Creation, Programming

My advice on creating a web site. This is basic information you need to create your own web pages. I provide information about design, site purpose, and images.

You might also look at two major web sites I put together with partner Nicole English at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC). We were the "web monkeys" who actually did the initial hands-on work for the BIT (Bachelor of Information in Technology) degree program at UMKC. See (moved)

In addition we put together and we team-taught IT-222, Multimedia on the web starting with the Winter semester of 2000. This was taught by both of us in both the classroom and on the web. The first semester we had around 30 students, in summer a few more than that and in fall around 80 students - all without advertising, just word of mouth. The course home page is at (moved)


My own experiences and reflections.
The experiences include a "parting visitation," a pair of "pre"cognitive events, and more. No religious dogma and definitely no preaching. These are are my accounts of real events as they happened to me with my observations. While I may rewrite some of this later I am leaving the older documents here. Remember we start from the vocabulary and narratives we have at the time of "events" and later, as we (I speak for me) think back and try to determine mechanisms we change the vocabularies and understandings, but the events themselves have not changed.


Mike StrongEMail: dancer@kcdance.com

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List of Jobs A boringly formal list from the most recent work  all the way back to high school days. Including: teacher, lecturer, web monkey, course developer, programmer, massage therapist, meeting coordinator, reporter on both radio and newspaper, photo lab tech, librarian, glazier, baker, line boy, photographer, geodetic surveyor, waiter and bartender.
Slightly flippant over all resumé