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Gurukul's "Cosmic Forces

Eighteen minute sampler of Gurukul's "Cosmic Forces" show, edited from the full 1 hour 25 minute program.

Choreography, direction, production by Samarpita Bajpai who also dances in the show. Gurukul is the name for Samarpita Bajpai's school of Indian classical dance and for her performing troupe. She is also choreographer, producer, director and one of the dancers.

In this 18-minute sampler, extracted from the 1 hour and 25 minutes full run show titled "Cosmic Forces" she mixes traditional with her own contemporary classical choreography.

The last piece in this show is a traditional dance, Simhanandini, in which the dancer creates a drawing on the underside of a canvas she is dancing on by dancing in patterns to pick up pigment powder underneath. This is then shown at the end of the dance by lifting the frame. Here she draws a lion.

Program Times
Introduction- 0:07
Ardhanarishwara - 0:30
Sandhya Tandav - 3:22
Kamakshi Stuti - 5:25
Jaunpuri Tillana - 8:51
Ananda Tandava - 10:53
Simhanandini - 13:42
End Time :: 18:00

This performance was at City Stage in Union Station.
Lighting Director - Kylor Greene
Videograpy/Stills - Mike Strong
Video - Nicole English
Script / Narration - Samarpita Bajpai
Guest Services Supervisor - Charlie Frank
Pronounced: goo-ROO-kul

Dancers: Krystal Bryan, Kirstie McDermott, Emily Garnett, Samarpita Bajpai