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Hip Hop Honky Tonk Habit

A boy spots girl, girl spots boy story with sweeps.

This is a 5-minute cut as used in the movie

Part of the footage for Phil Cacioppo's "Why White Men Don't Dance" movie production. This segment is a hip hop boy/girl girl/boy story choreographed and performed by Kevin Medlin and Mirabella Gibson to music by Nate Gawron performed in November 2008 by The Wilders at Davey's Uptown. Kevin was scheduled to dance with Brooke Brown playing the girlfriend interest. Brooke was unable to make the shoot so his real girlfriend, Mirabella, filled in. They look cute together.

I shot the hip hop sequence on a Sony PXW-Z150 XDCAM fitted with a wide conversion lens and shot first in 30 fps and then at 120 fps.

I shot The Wilders footage with a Sony FX-1000 HDV camera. The music is looped three-plus times to cover the slow-motion length.

The pair are clearly swing dancers as well, which is where they finish. Kevin does the hip hop sweeps.

The edit was done using the location sound as the working track to match the beat of the looped song underneath. That way the dancer's steps remain in synch with the musical count in the song. The underlying sound track was edited on the count.