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The Dance Lesson (extract)

Three days of festival condensed into this short

"The Dance Teacher" is a short (48 sec) extract from "Why White Men Can't Dance" (wwmcd) by Phil Cacioppo. The music is from Allen Myers who composed it for the scene where Phil comes to the office party in a bunny suit. I dropped it here by mistake, then though it was funny and decided to try it and to make this short. I've looped it because it is a shorter file and the dancers are not exactly with the music but then John is the "student" here and we know (just ask me) that students are not always on the music.

John Skowronski, one of our ever present ballroom dancers is the student, and Krista Derington is the teacher. She is a dance teacher as is Joan Augustyn who is the partner at the end, for the fade to black, that John is dancing away with. This was shot in the now defunct Allegro Ballroom, about 105th and Metcalf in Overland Park, KS.